Reset. Reboot.

Koko Boost are tailor-made energy/nutritional bars made out of Millets+Moringa.

“If wealth is lost, nothing is lost – if health is lost, something is lost”

The old saying is more apt for the present scenario, realizing which Koko Boost has developed the healthy nutritious energy bars.


We are committed to leaving the world a better place. By getting people to lower their dependence on soy, whey and other animal proteins, we’re lowering the global impact on the environment and anything that comes too far from home. We also chose our ingredients carefully and use exotic nuts such as almonds, cashews, most importantly MILLETS, the super food.

Healthy Living

We believe in getting out into nature and protecting it. Our products use real food, not food-like ingredients so our customers not only get a boost in energy, but also a boost in nutrition.

Being Adventurous

We believe in breaking conventions, being adventurous, and doing things differently. We’re innovative and always curious. If there’s a better solution out there, we’ll find it.

Fun & Happiness

Life is short, so we believe it’s important to have fun and enjoy it as much as possible.